Bloody hazard lights!

This is going to be a bit of a rant!

What is the deal with hazard lights? Yesterday I was confronted with so many people using their hazards badly I almost lost it. Lost it in a very British way of course, I muttered under my breath.

Taxi drivers, if you want to let other drivers know that you intend to pull over and stop to pick up/drop of a fair, you break lights and indicator will do the job perfectly well.

Parents on the school run, the hazard lights do not magically turn a badly parked car into a well parked car, if you were sticking three feet out before you put them on, you’ll still be sticking out afterwards.

And to those of you who are just popping into a shop for a minute, the flashing amber light on each corner of your car do not do to parking wardens what garlic and a crucifix do to vampires. They can still give you a ticket.

When parked in a queue of other cars a hazard light looks remarkably like the indicator of someone trying to pull out and it is particularly annoying to polite drivers (of which I include myself) who slow to let you out only to be rewarded with an empty.

But I’m a politician, I’m not here just to rant and do nothing, I’m here to propose solutions, and here is mine. The on switch for the hazard lights should be on the dashboard of the car so that the driver can initiate it in the event of a genuine emergency but the off switch should be in the engine compartment. To turn off the hazard lights the driver would need to turn off the engine, pop the hood and press a button somewhere near the wiper fluid reservoir and if their car was like ours get their hands a bit dirty in the process.

It would mean that drivers thought twice before turning on the most over-used bit of automotive equipment.

3 responses to “Bloody hazard lights!

  1. Some of us can still remember Metropolitan Police Constables in the early 1970's reporting people, who were subsequently summonses for unnecessary use of hazard warning lights!

  2. The curious thing about hazard lights is they say 'look very closely at me – I know I shouldn't be parking here and I wanted to let you know as well'


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