David and Ed Miliband should both resign, NOW!

The Labour attack on Andy Coulson continues unabated. Their tactic is pretty obvious, keep repeating the mantra that Coulson must have known about the phone hacking, without producing any evidence that he did and then demand that “something be done” or that Andy should resign.

The fact that this has been crawled all over by the police, CPS, parliament etc. and nothing came out to implicate Andy seems unimportant to Labour, they want blood. I’m sure they feel that if the story can be kept going long enough Andy will have to resign.

Well, let’s see if I can do likewise.

I find it unbelievable that the Miliband brothers know nothing about the cash for honours scandal, I know that this has been fully investigated and nothing new has come to light but that’s not good enough for me. They were both at the heart of the Labour government at the time and they must have known something, they just must have!

I think the whole investigation should be re-opened and that they should both withdraw from the Labour leadership race, have their commons passes revoked and stand down as MPs until the whole sordid business is cleared up.

Ridiculous, I know. But if we are playing by the guilty until proven innocent test as promoted by Labour why shouldn’t I demand these things?

4 responses to “David and Ed Miliband should both resign, NOW!

  1. Have to say, James, in politics one should pick one's fights, and Coulson is far from being the best choice right now. Even without the phone hacking story, red-top editors almost by definition have to rake up muck. It's the job description. I know you guys think you need a Campbell – but wasn't all this supposed to be about a different kind of politics? Let him go gently into the night and find yourself a new Bernard Ingham…

  2. Allegations of criminal activity by Coulson have been made in a respected newspaper in the US, where libel laws can result in massive payouts. Has Coulson instructed his lawyers to proceed with court action? If not then let's assume that there's no smoke without fire.

    It would be sad if an innocent man is brought down by a series of allegations in a newspaper, but in this case I believe he would be hoist by his own petard.

    For future reference, would political parties please stop employing NOTW editors as head of spin, nobody believes their lies.

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