Boris to stand again

Boris has just announced that he intends to stand as Mayor of London again. Knowing how much he enjoys the job and his passion for London I can’t pretend that I’m surprised but it’s still great news.

In the various conversations that I have had with Londoners over the last few months it is clear that Boris is still hugely popular and the those people who claimed all sorts of terrible things would happen have been convincingly proved wrong. As you can imagine I’m pleased as punch that he’s going to be our candidate for Mayor again.

You can register your support on the new Back Boris 2012 website.

One response to “Boris to stand again

  1. His first term certainly hasn't been as bad as many people expected, mainly because he has done almost nothing for London. Much as I disliked him, Ken led dynamic change in London. Boris has led an era of thumb twiddling that has not moved London forward, excpet for cyclists who can now ride on any pavement in the capital.

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