SHOCKER!!!!! Senior Tories to attend Tory fund raising dinner

The implication that all MPs are on the fiddle all the time is really becoming boring and damaging.

The Telegraph and Evening Standard ran with a story that implied a cash for access arrangement at the Conservative part conference with the papers talking about “business leaders” being offered the chance to pay £1,000 to meet senior ministers.

Upon reading the coverage it turns out that the story is actually about the Gala Dinner (I hate that term) that is held every year at the Conservative party conference where conference attendees get to have a very smart dinner, at a very smart hotel and donate to the party at the same time. It is hardly unreasonable to expect that there would be Conservative MPs on the tables and even cabinet ministers on the “top” tables and while there will be “business leaders” there will also be people from a range of people from other backgrounds, just like at party conference as a whole.

So when you look at the detail of the story it turns out that a range of people (some of whom are business people) are attending a fundraising dinner with a range of MPs (some of whom are ministers) at the Conservative party conference. Wow!!!!!!

6 responses to “SHOCKER!!!!! Senior Tories to attend Tory fund raising dinner

  1. This is cash for dinner, they pay cash they get dinner. The fact that a senior Tory will be with them is icing on the cake.

    If you wanted to swing the views of a minister, a table in a noisey ball-room at a table with eight other people isn't where you'd do it.

  2. Icing on the cake? Come on, if they just wanted dinner they could get it a lot more cheaply than £1000. They know exactly what they're paying their money for.

  3. I wonder if any of those in attendance pay tax in the UK?
    If so I'm sure the party treasurer will be available to explain how to avoid such inconveniences as their government policies. £1000 well spent!

    And if you wanted to 'swing the views of a minister' (or shadow minister) you would be far better inviting him for drinks on your yacht and offering a substantial donation to the party.

    And I hear that previous Conservative donor Asil Nadir will be back in the country in time for the conference, I do hope he has kept his diary free.

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