Woad on the road and bicycle hire

Today is the day, the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme is live and the cycle superhighways are there to ride along.

There are now 5,000 bikes across London ready for you to hop on and hop off, whisk you from one place to another, encourage exercise and lighted the load on the bus and tube network.

All good.

4 responses to “Woad on the road and bicycle hire

  1. All good……aside for the poor old motorist and pedestrian, who will have to contend with more lawless cyclists doing as they please with impunity.

  2. Why is there a picture of Boris on a bike? Shouldn't it be Ken?

    On 9th August 2007 Ken Livingstone directed Transport for London (TFL) to examine the feasibility of a cycle hire scheme to promote cycling in London. On 11th February 2008 Ken launched plans to deliver the first ever cycle hire scheme in London following the success of the Paris ‘Velib’…….

  3. Rattler

    Because Livingstone isn't mayor any more and there is a whole difference between looking into the feasability of a scheme and actually delivering it.

    Feb 2008 was after Boris announced his intention to roll out a cycle hire scheme if elected.

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