A brace of Johnsons in Orpington

This morning I joined Boris and Jo Johnson MP, Cllr Stephen Carr (Leader of Bromley Council)and the Mayor and Mayoress of Bromley at the official opening of Orpington High Street.

Bromley Council and TFL have jointly spent £2.2 million renovating the area to support and encourage local business. The turn out and responce from local residents and traders indicated that they feel it has been money well spent.
After speeches and a quick coffee provided by the Oprington Business Forum, we joined the Johnson boys during a walk along the street chatting to businesses. Here you can see a picture of Boris and Jo doing the “left arm in” verse of the Okey cokey.

One response to “A brace of Johnsons in Orpington

  1. Boris is now my hero for his wicked sense of humour! It was absolutely priceless when he said: “When I look around this great crowd, you behold their natural physical and intellectual greatness. It is no wonder that the idea of natural selection floated into Charles Darwin’s mind”.

    The murmerings in the crowd indicated that some of them understood it!!!

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