Impressed with FM Conway

Those of us who live or have grown up in SE London will probably be familiar with the dark green trucks of FM Conway, they have been doing road resurfacing in London and NW Kent decades.

FM Conway’s Head Office is based just outside the eastern edge of my constituency and they are opening two new sites in north Bexley, they employ a large number of people from both Bexley and Bromley so I think of them as a local company.

So why am I talking about them? Yesterday I went to visit them wearing both my constituency and LWaRB hats and I was impressed on both counts.

As I said the company already employs a number of local people and the numbers will increase as their two new sites come on stream, but the thing which impressed me the most is their work on recycling the road materials that they collect.

FM Conway are working towards 0% of road materials going to landfill. This involves breaking down the road surface, sorting the component elements, cleaning the aggregate (using water recycled from their gully cleaning activities), reprocessing the aggregate and bitumen mix and putting it all back again as a lovely, new, smooth road surface.

By using the recycled material the company are avoiding both landfill and aggregate taxes, both of which are increasing dramatically. This process is both good for the planet, good for FM Conway, and good for the council tax payers as it reduces the cost of road-works.

It is great to see a local company getting on the front foot like this.

One response to “Impressed with FM Conway

  1. yes great company, and when your car gets damaged by a manhole cover thats not ramped and treated like scum see how great they are then

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