Nanny state

I don’t usually link to Boris’ telegraph articles, as much as I enjoy them I feel that doing so would look more than a little sycophantic. This week I make an exception.

How have we got to the stage where parents are now assumed not to have their child’s best interests at heart? When we hear stories of young children being tortured to death by their parents right under the noses of social services can we really justify adding to their workload by reporting parents for letting their children walk or cycle to school?

I don’t know much about Mr & Mrs Schonrock’s children but I look at my own children (exactly the same age) and ask if they could walk to a school one mile away unaided. I’m not sure mine are quite ready yet, we live on a busy road and our eldest can sometimes be a bit excitable, but I don’t believe that they are too far off. At some point they will have to be let lose into the world and it should be the parents who make the choice as to when and how that happens.

As a country we need to radically rethink our relationship with children, in some areas we make them adults too early and then in other areas prevent them for gaining Independence and responsibility.

One response to “Nanny state

  1. I'm fed up with children and adults cycling on the pavements (and jumping traffic lights). Whilst they may feel it is safe for their children to cycle on the pavements it is not always safe for pedestrians who are also using the pavements.

    If cyclists are cycling on the pavement they are breaking the law. Parents, mayors, and GLA members should not be encouraging unlawful acts by children. Unfortunately cyclists (like James, Boris and these parents) think they can cycle wherever they want with little regard for other road and pavement users or for the law.

    These parents are encouraging their children to commit crimes, and police and social services need to take action.

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