You’ve had your fun now it’s time to move on

No one got back to me about why the residents of the ironically named Democracy Village only started their protest when the weather was good. I can only assume that while peace, and the environment were genuine concerns there was also a large degree of wanting to have some fun. I can relate to that, I like a few nights under canvas in the Summer months myself.

One of the cornerstones of a functioning democracy is respect for the rule of law, so I hope that having lost the case that the GLA brought against them in a court of law they will take it on the chin (collectively speaking) and find a more appropriate campsite.

Actually, while I hope this is the case I don’t expect for one moment the protesters will respect the rule of law, as there are already reports indicating that they will not.

I believe in the right to free speech and the right to protest but there are plenty of other ways for people to make themselves heard and put a point across. So my message to the people on Parliament Square is this:

Why not start a blog, or write a letter to the papers or, or, or…… Hey!!!!! This is a crazy idea but why not stand for election, you know use the democratic process. There is a big clue in the name of your camp; DEMOCRACY Village. So what I’ve done there?

Actually the main point that I’m making is that you’ve had your fun, there are still plenty of avenues for your legitimate concerns to be aired but the rest of us would really like our square back now.

Thanks in advance.

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