Ed Balls bullied at school, that explains a lot.

As the Mayor of London’s former Youth Ambassador I take bullying at school seriously. The title of this post is not meant to be comic or facetious, I regard Ed Balls’ disclosure to the Mirror as a real eye opener.

Playground bullying can have a profound effect on the individuals involved and can distort they way they interact with other people for much of their lives, particularly in stressful or confrontational situations. Luckily, most people don’t suffer too badly and are able to move on.

I have often been surprised and disappointed by the way that Ed Balls deals with criticism or challenge, he deploys a relentlessly negative and aggressive style and seems unwilling or unable to concede that his opponent has any redeeming points. I have never dealt with him directly but I have heard too many people (from across the political divide) describe him as a bully to write it off as media speculation.

It has nothing to do with me but for what it’s worth I think Labour have been led by a bully for far too long already.

P.S. Going through school with the surname Cleverly is no picnic

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