Vote Conservative

I’ve been out campaigning all day and will be doing the same thing tomorrow so blogging will be light. I’ll be updating my twitter account so you can follow me there if you’re interested.

Please vote Conservative in the general election and in the local elections if you have them in your area. In local government the Conservatives have shown that you can maintain excellent services without breaking the bank, this has been replicated in City Hall and I’m confident that that experience will prove invaluable in dealing with the country’s current economic crisis.

While a hung parliament may sound appealing I have no doubt that it would be disastrous for the country. London’s financial futures exchange will open at 1 a.m. on Friday to allow investors to trade gilts as the election results come in, this has never happened before and it isn’t because the prospect of a hung parliament fills the financial markets with confidence.

The New Labour experiment has failed and once again we see a Labour government trying to defend a recession, record unemployment, unsustainable borrowing and an outdated response to a changing international picture.

Clearly I am biased but I believe that a Conservative government with a workable majority would be in the country’s best interests and for that reason I urge you to vote Conservative tomorrow.

2 responses to “Vote Conservative

  1. Your a black conservative I don't get it! You must be middle classed / elitist…smh

  2. Your a black conservative I don't get it! You must be middle classed / elitist…smh

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