London Waste and Recycling Board Business Plan 2010/11

The London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) has approved its Business Plan for 2010/11, which has been developed to align with the Mayor of London’s waste priorities as detailed in his Draft Municipal Waste Management Strategy 2010.

LWARB’s Business Plan 2010/11 provides greater focus on the delivery of waste infrastructure
using the pipeline of projects that has been created through Expression of Interest (EOI) submissions.


Final call for infrastructure projects

Having recently passed its second year business plan, which details an allocated £28 million to help develop waste infrastructure, the Board will now identify a preferred pool of projects over the next few months which meet these requirements.

The Board are aiming to support delivery of:

– 3 materials recovery facilities
– 2 anaerobic digestion plants
– 1 one mechanical biological treatment facility
– 1 thermal plant

(For more information around this proposed infrastructure, please refer to page 11 of the business plan below).

All projects that propose to deliver these specific types of infrastructure that have not yet submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Board are encouraged to do so by close of play 30 June 2010.

To submit an EOI, download the form from related documents below, and follow the notes to applicants. Competed forms shoulds be sent to

* Please note that bids for reuse will not be considered as this area is now fully subscribed.

Deadline for submission: Close of play 30 June 2010, no further EOIs will be accepted after this date.

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