Rape crisis centres – delivered

They say that “no news is good news” it also seems that when it comes to Conservatives delivering on their manifesto that “good news is no news”.

Boris promised four rape crisis centres for London (the number having dropped to just one under Livingstone) and had committed a sum of money to deliver them. As budgets were squeezed across government Boris looked into delivering on his promise with less money.

The left went mad, James Macintyre from the New Statesman tried to paint this as “Tory cuts” when it was under a Labour Mayor that two rape crisis centres had closed. He wrote “So, style-over-substance Boris Johnson has broken a mayoral election promise for three centres to look after sufferers of rape and domestic violence in London, delivering one instead” what rubbish.
Boris always made it clear the he would deliver on his promise and that the funding difficulties wouldn’t stop him. Today Boris announced the details of all four promised centres and the funding arrangements for them. Funny how the reporting of Boris’, so called “betrayal” of London’s women got a huge splash in the Evening Standard, the delivery of another manifesto commitment gets a tiny write up, buried in the middle pages with no byline.
The silence from the left is deafening.

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