Luvies deserting Labour?

Last night the Lord Mayor of London hosted the Mayor of London, borough Mayors, councillors, Assembly Members and a host of other notable people involved in London Government at the annual London Government Dinner at the Mansion House.

After the dinner I and a number of colleagues went for a drink in one of London’s hidden gems, the Players Bar at the New Players Theatre in Charing Cross, it has a late licence and live music every night. The is a traditional end of the night retreat for people actors and people who work in London’s theatreland.

As I fell into conversation with some of the other patrons the subject of my occupation came up, after the whole issue of MPs’ expenses I was a little worried about confessing to be a Tory politician but I couldn’t exactly lie about it so I fessed up. The reaction was surprising.

At worst the responses were neutral and a number were very positive, the general mood was “please get rid of this government”. Clearly this wasn’t a scientific survey or fully representative of the nations creative and dramatic industries but there was clearly little love for Labour in the Players Bar last night.

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