Labour’s spending cuts

So Gordon is going to cut waste and excessive public sector salaries is he?

Having been Chancellor for a decade and then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has had plenty of time to sort out waste and excess in public spending but for some reason hasn’t. Is it because he didn’t believe that there was any waste, or did he see it but just feel that it was OK up until now?

Since being elected to the London Assembly I have seen how money was spent under Labour. Far too often spending money was seen as a positive end in itself, little regard paid to what benefit was being created and a belief that there would always be more money coming.

Gordon Brown talks about cutting waste and for all I know may even believe what he is saying, but he cannot and will not do anything about it because wasteful spending is in his DNA. Back in 2004 (just before an election) Labour asked Sir Peter Gershon to look into waste in government spending. He produced a report, to much fanfare, which was ignored as soon as the election was over.

It must be frustrating to have your work ignored like that, which is perhaps why he is now advising the Conservatives.

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