The media and youth

I was at Colfe’s School (my old school) this morning being grilled by twenty or so year 8 English students and then the 6th form politics class. They don’t hold back!

First question from the 13-14 year olds was “What can be done about under-age sex?” They went on to ask about community responses to youth violence, public perceptions of you people, issues of personal safety and then on to the media’s role in youth crime.

The 6th formers asked about political process, the role of the GLA, the use of “hard power” and “soft power” in politics and also the role of, and our relationship with, the media.

I said that the media did have a role to play and could be culpable at some level but it was ever thus. There has been glorification of sex and violence in popular media (see the penny dreadfuls, left) from the earliest days of the printing press and I’m not convinced that there is much mileage in trying to change that.

What do you think?

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