Sports for kids

I have been a little bit all over the place recently, geographically rather than emotionally, so the blogging has suffered. Here is a quick update., after a bit of campaigning in support of Steven Hall in East Wickham, of which more later, Thursday turned into a sporty day.

I visited the Europa Gym in Erith, you may have heard of Len and Yvonne who have put all their time and their life savings into keeping the gym going. The Europa, makes do with with a less than perfect building but still produces fantastic results. I met a number of young athletes with a real chance of Olympic success in 2012, including our young weight lifting star Zoe Smith, who was discovered and nurtured by the team at Europa.

There a lots of gyms in London but what I love about the set up at Europa is that, while they are open to all levels of talent, they are not afraid to strive for excellence.

That evening I joined Boris, Kit and a number of senior police officers, RFU and the Rugby Premiership at New Scotland Yard to celebrate the Rugby Kickz programme. This will follow the format of the already successful Football Kickz.

All in all a very upbeat day.

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