Vote for me!!!!! Please.

Back when I started blogging, there were only about 9 Conservative bloggers. In those days it was fairly easy for me to make it into the top ten. Now there are loads of them and I’m having to work a bit harder getting anywhere near the list at all.

This is where you, dear reader, can help. If you vote for me in huge numbers I will get recognition and a crown made of solid gold. Although the crown may take a while to arrive. In return you will have the chance to win £100 worth of political books.

Email: listing your top 10 favourite political blogs, there must be 10 and please put me at number 1.

Just in case you can’t remember anything that I have written that is worth a vote here are some of the most popular posts of the last year.

Ray Lewis resigns
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown writes insulting, racist drivel
And what is your concern about Boris?
Spot the difference
Is this Gordon Brown’s Clause 4 moment?
Do you want PR or not?
Choices in education
How many Lib Dems in London?
A black US president
Livingstone’s response to the Lee Jasper allegations shows why he is not fit to govern London

My Haiku for Ming Campbell’s resignation
Is Labour rotten to the core?
Compass telling porkies about Boris

There were many more, but these are some of my favourites.

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