Boris campaign launch

I was in Edmonton this morning with a host of other Boris supporters to watch the formal campaign launch.

No glitzy conference room or snazzy hotel, but in a community center in North London. The event was introduced by Ray Lewis, of the Eastside Young Leaders, who spoke passionately about the need for change in London and condemned Livingstone’s indifference to the spate of youth murders in the capital. David Cameron was next up and gave Boris his full and support enthusiastic support.

Boris spoke about the resignation on the faces of Londoners, the feeling that poor transport, crime, high taxes and an increasingly expensive cost of living were the natural byproduct of living in the world’s greatest city. Boris made it clear he was not going to settle for that.

He reaffirmed his commitment to cut crime and explained how so many other aspects of life are affected by crime and the fear of crime. School run congestion because parents fear to let their children walk to school, green spaces lost because local residents are too scared to use them, business people put off from investing in “high crime” areas.

Boris is increasingly being seen as serious when he needs to be serious and still keep the humour and lightheartedness when he wants to. Chatting to the media people at the launch they seem increasingly impressed with Boris and almost baffled by Livingstone’s poor (so far) campaign.

I just think that Livingstone is tired and has run out of ideas, reannouncing plans from last year doesn’t make for a manifesto and childish name calling doesn’t make a campaign.
Thanks to ConHome for the pic.

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