The Lee Jasper situation is an insult to all of us

Lee Jasper has resigned; he still claims to have done nothing wrong and is still blaming a “racist” media attack against him.

This is, of course, all rubbish.

There is a trail of mismanagement and possible misconduct following Jasper, his bluff and bullying tactics have not scared off either the press of the Assembly Members who have demanded answers.

His cynical use of the term “racist” was designed to scare away anyone who might investigate his actions. When this failed, he tried to hide from any accountability, first by a spurious suspension and now by resigning. Throughout this sorry episode, Ken Livingstone has echoed Jasper’s accusations of racism and has been complicit in keeping him away from any real scrutiny.

I saw the 900 pages of documents that were given to the Assembly yesterday morning, 900 pages that they were meant to read and analyse in preparation for the scrutiny meeting this morning. Can you read 900 A4 pages in less than 24 hours? Not only has Livingstone made it impossible for the Assembly to do their job properly he has even said that he wants to reinstate Jasper after the election.

What this all shows is a Mayor who treats the London Assembly and Londoners as a whole, with complete contempt.

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