Bexley Pensioners Forum

I was at a meeting of the Bexley Pensioners Forum this morning, sharing the stage with the GLA candidates from Labour and UKIP and the Lib Dem PPC for Old Bexley and Sidcup.

I had met Arnold Tarling (UKIP candidate) in the 2005 General Election when we both ran in Lewisham East, we disagreed on a number of points but I found him a fair and principled man. Because of this both I and Duncan Borrowman (Lib Dem) found ourselves agreeing with him on some of the questions around personal responsibility and youth anti-social behaviour.

I almost felt sorry for Alex (sorry I have forgotten his surname), the Labour candidate, he tried so hard to stick to the party line and was ripped apart by the audience accordingly. I found myself wondering at times is I was going soft, agreeing with a Lib Dem and feeling sorry for a Labour candidate!!!!!

If I had to say which of us came out on top it would be difficult, we all had our little ripples of applause and nods of agreement at times, except for Labour’s Alex, who must have come out of it feeling rather battered.

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