Stabbing in Erith

Less than a week into the new year and two young people have been murdered in London. The terrible news of the fatal stabbing in Erith reinforces the need to break the cycle of violence and ensure that there is a visible and effective police presence right across London.

Bexley and Bromley have some of the lowest proportions of police officers to population in London. The killing in Beckenham last year and now this show that the image of leafy outer London suburbs is no basis for policing policy.

I have spoken with local senior police officers, they are far from complacent, they are just as keen to be out and about as we are to have them do so. The politicisation of senior police management linked with Labour’s obsession with targets means the increases in police spending are not reaching the front line.

While more police on the beat is not the complete answer it is a good starting point and I will fight to make sure that Bexley and Bromley don’t lose out as they have done up until now.

Boris has written about London gang crime, you can read it here.

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