Livingstone advisor in possible funding scandal

Livingstone is cliquey, very cliquey. You can get away with that if your clique is honest, hard working and effective. Unfortunately the Livingstone clique is not. One of the people at the heart of the Livingstone machine is Lee Jasper, a powerful and influential advisor to the Mayor.

He is on big money, £100,000 or more a year, has no electoral mandate and does not have to fill in a register of members interests. Pity, it might be useful.

Andrew Gilligan has a major piece on the way that funding influenced by Mr Jasper has been distributed to organisations and companies that he is involved in or is close to. That in itself would be unacceptable, but it has also been alleged that the funds have not been appropriately spent .

Office expenses for an organisation with no offices, grants to companies which not longer exist, money for equipment that never materialised. If true, even true in parts, it is damning stuff and will reflect very badly on the Mayor.

Lee Jasper will need to answer some tough questions and do so quickly.

2 responses to “Livingstone advisor in possible funding scandal

  1. Would this be the same Lee Jasper that fronted ‘Operation Black Vote’ in the early 90’s?OBV openly targeted resources at Conservative held seats whilst clinging to a pretense of merely being dedicated to mobilising Black voters.Now in with the venemous and divisive Livingstone he must be in his element.Here is a hint Mr Jasper.. Boris ain’t giving you a job…..

  2. James,Gilligan has splashed three pages of this in the Evening Standard tonight.The blatantly corrupt – if true – actions include funding organisations for “premises” even though they occupy Govt owned property rent free and paying an organisation to run a website which did nothing but regurgitate, word for word, Livingstonian press releases.Far worse though is the money given to a “training” organisation in Brixton for sound equipment which was actually provided by somebody else at their expense.In total, £2 million has gone out the door. Which I guess is why Livingstone doesn’t seem to need donors!This is not a resigning matter, it is another one for Yates of the Yard. Somebody should report this to the Met as a crime.

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