Boris’ Christmas party

I’m just back from BJ’s Christmas party at the Star Wars exhibition in County Hall, there were Jedi Knights, Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor (hoping for a third term?).

There were also quite a large number of London Conservatives and lots of mini mince pies. Boris said that he was proud to be running for Mayor of the greatest city in the world, then looking at the various spacecraft and aliens of the exhibition added “probably the greatest city in the universe, and if I’ve upset some city in a far off galaxy I’m sure I’ll be sent there to apologise”.

One theme that came out in this speech was his desire to unify London, both in terms of geography and community. Livingstone is a divisive Mayor who relies on divide and conquer for too often, if Boris is able to communicate his desire to work for zone 6 as much as zone 1, for all faiths and those of no faith, for black, white and everyone else he may well win with a huge majority. And rightly so.

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