Scotland as a political football?

I know that, as a Conservative, I have to be a little careful about commenting on Scotland and Scottish issues. We didn’t win many friends rolling the poll tax out in Scotland.


Labour is making a worse mistake in the way that it is treating the Scottish. The damning report on the Scottish elections show the Labour party at its worst, manipulative, uncaring about true democracy and willing to take Scottish votes for granted. This is a dangerous move because it is undermining the good will that Labour have built up in defending a deeply unfair funding formula.

At this point I have to declare an interest. I love Scotland and I love the Scots. That said even I am starting to become resentful of the abuse of funds perpetuated by Labour under the Barnett Formula.

I do not blame the Scottish executive for wanting to push things like free prescriptions, free care for the elderly, better drugs on the NHS etc. But all these things cost money and that money comes in large part from English tax payers.

The situation is made worse by the imbalance in political power brought about by a badly thought through devolution plan.

Brown is pissing off the Scots by taking them for granted and pissing off the English by….. well taking them for granted too.

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