Conservative party conference day 3

Today I was well and truly off brief, almost no London stuff at all. I had a quick get together with the Bexley and Bromley team that are up here. Other than that I focused my attention on defence matters.

Dr Fox was on good form, I think that Labour’s attitude towards the armed forces has been totally unacceptable and it is about time we said so load and clear. The Royal British Legion fringe meeting was well attended and very moving, their Honour the Covenant campaign hits the nail on the head.

I had dinner with Syed Kamall MEP in an Italian restaurant, it was comic. How long to seven pizzas take? I’ll give you a clue, more than an hour and a quarter less than two. But only just less than two. Also the pantomime that was the some puddings was a joy to behold, we all ordered and waited only to be told that they only had three bread and butter puddings. “That’s OK we only want two”, “no, no” he replied “we only have three bread and butter puddings……. in the restaurant”. “Oh… OK we’ll have those then!”.

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