Conservative party conference day 1

After the well publicised technical error at the start of the conference (I know all about those) William Hague gave a storming speech taking the fight to Brown.

Tarzan showed that despite getting on a little he still has plenty of umph in him when he spoke about our commitment to inner cities and how Labour, for all the words, has failed.

Boris spoke passionately about the role of London Mayor and his ideas for the job. I thought it was a very good speech and countered the critics who claim that he can’t muster serious when needed.

Micheal Bloomberg spoke about how fiscal restraint and sound governance had transformed New York. It is clear that he comes from a business background as the tone of his speech was much less tub-thumping that the others.

I gravitated to a number of London related fringe events in the afternoon and then off for a few drinks. Walking from the conference venue to the hotel I passed a strip club (which I absolutely, definitely, totally didn’t go into, honest!), now that the strippers can’t smoke in their dressing room (is it still a dressing room if you are preparing to get undressed?) the were sitting on the front step of the club in fluffy pink dressing gowns having a fag. Classy!!!!!

The mood here is interesting, upbeat and positive. If there are doubts about Cameron they are being kept buttoned rather than being paraded in from of the media. There doesn’t seem to be an “about to fight an election” mood here, the consensus is that there are too many “events” that could go against Brown, Foot and Mouth, Blue Tounge, Iraq and Afghanistan casualties, fuel prices etc. etc.

I just don’t think he has the guts.

2 responses to “Conservative party conference day 1

  1. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">BBC London news<> managed to show Boris as completely incompetent, bumbling around, not knowing figures for TfL funding and making the usual fool of himself. Sounded a bit like Champagne Charlie at the last election, but at least Charlie had the excuse that he was …[switch to Fast Show voice] … “very, very drunk”.

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