Prison strike

I have some sympathy with the Prison Officers.  I bet you didn’t expect to hear that from a Conservative about a group of people on strike!

Prison officers do a very demanding job made worse by the appalling levels of overcrowding in our prisons.  That said I don’t feel that the snap strike that was called was justified, indeed I feel very uncomfortable about prison officers striking at all.  Service personnel and police officers can’t strike so why should prison officers, firemen etc be allowed to put lives at risk in this way?

The problem that Brown now has is that public sector pay awards will keep coming in below the recipients expectations because Brown has wasted so much of the huge tax take.  Some will just bite their lips but some will strike, then more will, then more.

Brown cannot blame anyone else for this, it is his tax and waste policies that have been in place for the last ten years.  Tony has been a bit of a scape goat but in this case the buck stops with Brown.  Sorry for the mixed metaphors.

4 responses to “Prison strike

  1. So, of course, this government jumps to law – now we’ll see how they get on. I imagine this will only harden attitudes.By the way. P10 has a good bit today about immigration – at a guess a lot of the epopel banged up should never have been here in the first place.

  2. The disrespect towards authority that exists in society must be particularly acute in prisons. Being a prison is not an easy job at all, as you say, James, and I know a few guys in Northern Ireland who were prison officers there. I agree that the buck stops with Brown – he has simply not given prison officers a fair deal, and they understandably can take no more.

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