Will forces funding be an issue at the next election?

While Iraq was an issue at the last election it was more to do with the integrity of the government and our relationship with America, rather than on spending, commitments and the duty to service people.

Gordon Brown has been quite good at setting himself apart from the political fallout of the decision to go to war although, as second most senior member of the cabinet, he was just as much a part of the decision as Blair.
The big difference now is that people are now seeing that the front line armed forces have been starved of funding while public money was be squandered by Brown. Requests from the forces for equipment, troops and improved conditions were met with a “they would say that wouldn’t they” attitude from the government. Yet at the same time £ billions were being wasted on legions of QANGOs.
Forces funding (as % of GDP) is now the lowest since before WWII yet we are seeing an intensity of conflict and casualty rates not experienced in since Korea.
My views on Des Browne are well known but it should never be forgotten that Gordon Brown’s attempt to do more with less has cost the live of British service people.

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