Brown’s trial by ordeal

British soldier killed in action, floods and drownings, attempted terrorist attacks. Brown’s first week has been quite a tough one. Unlike the last ten years Brown cannot run and hide when the going gets tough because he is the one in the hot seat.

If he doesn’t break the habit of trying to be all controlling the pressure will break him. That may look like good news for the Conservatives but actually in difficult times it does no one any good having a failing leader.

I genuinely hope that Brown learns to trust, delegate and lead rather than just trying to control. We can beat him on his record over the last ten years, I would rather not have a catastrophic collapse in the next few months.

One response to “Brown’s trial by ordeal

  1. ” I’ve just come from a Cobra meeting… ” EVERYONE asleep – and promptly disappears.Alex Salmond, on the other hand, with one twitch of his lip had the whole of Scotland eating out of his hands.Now there’s a truly smart operator. You may not like him ( like Bliar then) but you have to admire him ( like Bliar then, too)

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