Quentin Davies joins Labour

No not Quentin Wilson, he was a presenter from the old Top Gear…. no not Quentin Crisp he’s dead. You know… Quentin Davis!!!! He’s famous for. . . . . ?

Well he used to be a Conservative (a long time ago from what I hear) and now he has crossed the floor to join Labour. Good work on behalf of the Labour party backroom boys, the timing couldn’t be better and it goes to show that Gordon Brown has just a good an eye for the media stunt as Blair ever did.

Funnily enough Quentin’s resignation letter is pretty damning, pointing out all the perceived deficiencies in David Cameron’s leadership. It bears a striking similarity to the script of the cycling chameleon advert. Rootless PR man, etc. etc. Labour haven’t changed the record but they have wired up a bigger set of speakers to the record player.

I don’t know Quentin Davies and I am not going to start slagging him off on this blog but from what I understand he has been only loosely attached to the Conservative party for some time and was clearly not going to get anything more than a backbench role under David Cameron. I wonder what Brown has promised him to make him jump ship? A peerage perhaps?

Will this hurt us? Of course it will, defections always do but I doubt the fall out will last for long. Still on the good side it does open up a seat in a lovely part of the country for someone who actually believes in what the Conservatives believe in.

Conservative home makes an interesting point:

I knew he was unhappy with Project Cameron. He has felt shabbily treated by the leadership. A lifelong Europhile he wrote for ConservativeHome only two weeks ago – disagreeing with the party’s alleged politicking on Iraq. I bumped into him during the grammar schools row and he told me that he was unhappy with the leadership’s line. But he was in favour of grammar schools! Why is he joining a party that hates selection? Mr Davies has opposed ID cards and the Government’s anti-terror measures. He has opposed the ban on foxhunting. He opposed Labour on tuition fees. He opposes state funding of political parties. Mr Davies cannot easily accuse David Cameron of having no bedrock and then defect to a party with a worldview that stands in contradiction to his own twenty year parliamentary record.

2 responses to “Quentin Davies joins Labour

  1. Is he gambling on being re-elected under the Labour banner? If so he is being very bold.As you say, it clears a nice seat for a newcomer.

  2. Is he gambling on being re-elected under the Labour banner? If so he is being very bold.As you say, it clears a nice seat for a newcomer.

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