Block of flats in Ken Livingstone’s back garden

Simon Fawthrop has put himself forward to be the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London. He has also put in a planning application to build some high density housing, a block of flats in fact, in Ken Livingstone’s back garden.

You may not be aware but back gardens are defined as brown field sites and as such are ripe for development. Simon is doing exactly what Livingstone wants to do to gardens all over London and under planning law, an applicant does not have to own a property to be able to apply for planning permission on the site.

Simon said:

“The application will replace his terraced house with a four storey block of flats. The policy of Livingstone and this Labour Government is eradicating back gardens from Greater London and replacing them with in-fill, backland and high density developments. These gardens form the lungs of London and it is our duty as Conservatives to preserve and protect them from Labour’s attacks.”

“A lot of the developments we are now seeing have gone beyond what might be construed as sensible, and now constitute a whole sale change to the nature of our Inner and Outer London suburbs.”


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