If you believe it, say it

Why does Blair so often hide behind the views and opinions that he claims others have made? I have noticed that this is a recurring theme whenever he wants to do something contentious. Rather than say “I have weighed up the pros and cons and I have decided that …..” he tends to say “I have been told by experts that …… has to be done and who am I to argue?”.

He did this over the decision to go to war in Iraq claiming the Intelligence Service said that we had to do it. He did this over 90 day detention claiming that the police said that he had to do it. In each case it turned out that what he claimed people had said and what they actually said were not the same thing.

He has done the same thing today! Using a quote from an East London pastor he made a powerful statement about violent crime amongst young black boys. Once again he used the “I have been told by experts that……” line and once again he distorted what the “expert” actually said.

The sad thing is that the fairly sensible points that he was making will now be lost because of the distortion that has once again come to light.

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