300 years of the union, how many more?

Today is the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union. Yet the BBC shows a survey saying that the majority of British people think that England should have its own parliament.

I feel that and English parliament would ultimately lead to the break up of the union and as a member of the Conservative & Unionist Party I am naturally opposed to this.

How have we come to this? Well Labour’s attempt to divide and rule by breaking off their traditionally strong Celtic fringe has created the situation we now face. Scottish MPs enjoy a particularly unfair power to vote on laws which do not affect the people who voted them in. This lack of accountability strikes right to the heart of parliamentary democracy and people sense this needs to change.

So what is the best solution to this problem? As the man at the railway ticket office said when asked the best way to get to Crewe, “Well I wouldn’t start from here”! English votes on English issues seems to me the best of a bad bunch, the Labour party’s “head in the sand” solution is really not an option in the long term but in cynical, party political terms is probably a very sensible position for them to take.

Labour kick this issue into the long grass because they know their is no clean solution, wait for the political meltdown that even they (in private) admit is coming and let the Conservatives sort out the whole mess. They are even preparing the ground now, how a Labour minister can blame the Conservatives for this debacle is quite beyond me. Yet that is what they are doing.

Labour opened this particular Pandora’s Box, they should have the guts to at least attempt to sort it out.

9 responses to “300 years of the union, how many more?

  1. You know I didn’t really think about the flag change if the union dissolves/changes.

    If Scotland votes for independence (which might happen if the SNP do well this year), there’s going to be an awful lot of Union Flags that’ll need updating around the world…

  2. Kate, Wales is represented on the flag. It is of course repersented by the flag of St George. Because it is a Principality and because since the 1200’s the Prince of Wales has been English. In the 1700’s and the 1800’s Wales was pretty much considered to be part of England. Not ideal situation, I know, but it’s the truth.

  3. Would the remaining country still have permanent place on UN with right of veto etc?

    What about immegrants? My wife’s family came from asiashe was born here, but she calls herself British rather than English? Where side of the border would they go?

    Would SCotland stay in EU?

    What about British Army & the remaining Scottish regiment? Will Scotland be able to field a military or would they ride on our coat tails like New Zealand does on Australia?

    Would Scotland remain a “kingdom” with a monarch? I beleive that when the act of union occured, that the SCottish king took on the crown of England as well, so it would be the English looking for a new Monarch?

    I’m confused

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