Ruth Kelly puts her family first

Ruth Kelly has done what she thinks is best for her children, I will never condemn her for doing that.

I have written in the past about our choices for the boy’s education and like so many family decisions it is based on a whole range of criteria. I don’t remember Ruth Kelly being particularly damning about private education so I don’t think the the cries of hypocrisy will stick.

The reaction from other Labour MPs will be interesting, one has already said that this is a “slap in the face” to teachers, this is rubbish. There are some great teachers in some appalling schools and if your nearest school is not as good as you want you should do what you have to do to look after your child.

If the government wasn’t so prescriptive many more parents could make the right choices for their children too.

2 responses to “Ruth Kelly puts her family first

  1. And quite right she is too.
    People always scream hypocrasy on these occassions, but I prefer to regard it as a chink of light, a ray of hope, when ideologues suddenly develop longings to do the best for their children. Means they can’t be all bad.

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