Are all soldiers Tories?

There are many small and big C conservatives in the army but that does not make the army a politicised organisation.

Compared the levels of politicization in the Fire Brigade, teaching profession, rail industry etc. the army remains very neutral. Can you imagine the reaction from the TGWU, NUS and FBU if their members’ workloads had doubled and their funding cut? Well the army may be moaning a fair bit but they haven’t (and won’t) down tools and man the picket lines.

The fact that the armed forces tend to put up and get on with it has been abused by this government and Gordon Brown shows little sign of changing this. When Brown says that the “MOD is the most financially wasteful department” did he mean the thousands of soldiers who use their own money to buy useful personal equipment or the £1,200 for doors at MOD HQ?

If the army is a “Tory organisation” that hates Labour, you have to ask whom and what made them so.

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