It was all me

It was always the case that the parties involved in the Ladywell Pool campaign would make political capital out of the decision to keep it open. Everyone writes thier part a little bit bigger, a little bit bolder than in reality it was.

I can forgive them that.

But it takes some kind of brass neck for Steve Bullock to claim credit for it’s saviour. See here for the leaflet that Labour have put out claiming credit for the resolution of the fiasco they created.

It is up there with:
“I never wanted that eye anyway” Harold, Ex King of England 1066
“I’m glad that the British still control the Falklands, I’m sure they’ll do a great job” General Galtieri, Buenos Aires 1982
“The English team look good holding that cup, it will make an iconic image” Captain of the German football team, Wembley 1966

Feel free to send more examples.

7 responses to “It was all me

  1. My, my what a professional looking leaflet that is!

    Come on James, lets get a leaflet telling the truth printed and deliver it this weekend?

    This is an outrage, and such a kick in the teeth for all the hard working local campaigners.

  2. What a cheek. Yes, the truth must be put out there, that Steve B was dead against the campaign, and the campaigners from the start U turn if you want to???
    Also, I noticed they’ve missed the whole point on education when they mentioned “Fastest improving schools in London / Uk / world”
    Do you remember the “most improved recruit” competition on any of your courses? Nothing to shout about usually!

  3. But it was all him!
    The council has no power over the mayor and if Steve had chosen to stick to his previous position nothing would have changed. In the mayoral system Steve is the only man with the power to change things, all the rest of us can do is try to persuade him. It was his decision alone to save Ladywell Pool and you should give him credit for such a dramatic U-turn.

    Well done Steve for coming to the same conclusion that the rest of us reached months or years ago. Real leadership – what a fantastic mayor!?

  4. I think that everyone in Lewisham will see this for the embarasing farce that it is.

    Labour trying to claim credit for “saving” the pool they they tried to pull down is pure comedy.

    I know it, you know it, they know it and the people of Lewisham know it.

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