Would you rather have Brown or Cameron?

I find this poll result very interesting, mainly because it goes completely against all the personal feedback that I have been getting.

I don’t claim to be as scientific as Populus, they are a professional polling company and I am….. well I am not.

But I spend a lot of time talking to people about politics, many of them (most of them?) are not dyed in the wool Conservatives. The story that I get from them is that Brown is very much tared with the same brush as Tony Blair, I think that the image makeover people in Labour HQ will find it very hard to redefine Brown as not being instrumental in the Nu Labour project.

The recent attempt to distance him from the Iraq war fell flat, and his cringe inducing smiles during Tony Blair Manchester speech were caught on film for us all to see. I would love for Brown to take over as leader of the Labour party, they saw why in 1994.

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