Trafalgar Day

For the second year running I Susie and I hosted a Trafalgar evening at house.

We had the usual fare for a Conservative drinks evening, wine, dips, cocktail sausages etc. John Horam MP (Orpington) was kind enough to give a speech.

I don’t normally write about these kind of events but I thought that I would this time because John spoke about how David Cameron’s approach mirrored that of Nelson’s at Trafalgar. It was a very good speech and John is very much supportive of the direction that DC is taking the party. This was a contrast to the speaker we had last year, Eric Forth.

Eric was a great speaker and like John spent a great deal of time chatting to our guests and answering their questions. It seems such a short time ago that Eric was in our living room with his “individual” taste in ties and soft Scottish accent.

2 responses to “Trafalgar Day

  1. James, apologies for not showing up for Trafalgar Day – spot of local difficulty. I’ll take an extra ration of Christmas Raffle tickets instead. Ralph

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