Control orders are all over the place

The news that two terrorist suspects have “escaped” from the provision of their control orders has highlighted the stupidity of the situation.

First we are told that these people are so dangerous that we have to throw away centuries of legal history and lock them up indefinitely without trial.

Then we are told that they cannot be brought to trial because the evidence against them is too sensitive to enter the public domain.

Then we hear that the monthly Home Office report on these control orders forgot to mention that one has been on the run for the last few months.

Now we are told that despite being a huge threat to our national security the absconders are in fact are “not threats to security in Britain”. ?!?!?!?

This is turning into a farce. If these people have broken the law, bring them to trial and put them in prison. If we suspect they are going to break the law, put them under surveillance and arrest them as soon as they do (and remember conspiracy to commit murder is a crime, we do not have to wait until they actually kill someone). If they are no threat at all, leave them alone!

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