Blogging at conference

This year’s party conference looks as though it is going to be quite a corker. Some people have assumed that the Conservative party leadership are opposed to disagreement or debate because that is what Labour are like. From what I hear that is far from the truth.

David Cameron and Francis Maude have really embraced blogging and bloggers even though both have received a degree of stick from online c(C)onservative community.

Iain Dale and Tim Montgomerie are two torch bearers (tree huggers?) for the Conservative online renaissance and will have quite a high profile at conference with a bloggers stand. I will be helping out with Tory Radio’s Johnathan Sheppard and being a “Home affairs correspondent” for Conservativehome’s conference coverage.

How exciting.

I have always felt drawn to the home affaires brief and I hope to cover the main platform pieces, fringe meetings and some interviews with the shadow home affairs team and the shadow law officers.

If you have questions on crime, policing, prisons, ID cards, immigration, internal security, etc stick it into the comments section or send me an email.

And now back to the studio………………….

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