More on our boys in Afghanistan

Looking at my tag cloud I can see that I have written a lot on the situation in southern Afghanistan. I make no apology.

The lack of media coverage is appalling and the attitude of the government is ….. well I have expressed my views on this before.

I strongly advise that you watch the video in this article and Mr Browne (if you are reading) please do not assume that just because moral is high things are going well. You might mope in the face of adversity, British soldiers are made of sterner stuff.

2 responses to “More on our boys in Afghanistan

  1. The MOD must be held to account, Brown must give an extra 5 billion pounds a year to the military. The money must be spent right and not wasted by the cretins in the MOD.

  2. From Libby Purves… I heartily agree with the second paragraph.“Our soldiers abroad pay tax — unlike US servicemen, and unlike those Revenue-dodging offshore businessmen so dear to party fundraisers. A newly qualified squaddie facing suicide bombers, snipers and rockets round the clock earns two thirds of a British policeman’s wage; in a combat zone the 16-hour watches give an hourly rate of £2.45 and in Helmand, getting off duty after 16 hours is often a pipe dream anyway — fighting goes on for days. After Reid gaily said that they could leave “without a shot fired”, and beetled off to insult the Home Office, they are fighting a confused war in the hardest conditions possible. On peanuts. Even the separation allowance of £6 a day only kicks in after 12 months. Oh, and they pay council tax on their barracks rooms back in Britain.”….“…..soldiers are different. Service people place themselves under obedience; they agree to be a tool of the State, not to ask questions or flounce off on a whim. Soldiers have to go to war even when they think it’s a nonsense; they are bound by loyalty to their fellows, Queen and country. Politicians are given the awesome responsibility of deploying this human loyalty, and they therefore have a massive duty of care towards the military, who are at their mercy. It is far greater than any imaginary duty to nag the rest of us about our weight, tell us how to think about Islam or pay us compensation for tripping over paving stones.”,,6-2353083,00.html

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