Des Browne MP is secretary of state for defence and is beneath contempt

Des Browne MP has just gone to the top of my list of people who will be “first against the wall come the revolution“.

He has written an article for the Guardian which is the modern equivalent of “Our troops will be home by Christmas”. He is either in complete denial about the situation which faces our troops in Afghanistan or is incompetent, in either case British troops are being lost because of him.

I could just about stomach this laissez faire attitude from Browne except for the fact that he couldn’t even get the battalion right.

A quick message to Mr (not General or Major or Captain or corporal or private) Browne:

It is 3 Para who are in Afghanistan not 2 Para you complete and utter ****.

If you don’t even know who you are sending around the world you should really ask yourself if you are in the right job.


James Cleverly

21 responses to “Des Browne MP is secretary of state for defence and is beneath contempt

  1. John Reid sent a peace keeping force on the cheap to fight a war.We have soldiers being killed at an alarming rate during what appears to be running battles with the Taliban.After seeing journalist virtually ride pillion on tanks during the Iraq invasion, where are they now and have they been refused access to the troops out there?Michael Moriarty’s article should have recieved more coverage and raised some serious questions.

  2. Well, two things.Firstly the troops will be home by Christmass. No idea which one, certainly not the next one, but they will be home by Christmass.Secondly perhaps the slip on regimenst was a fraudian one? Either there may be an amalgamation of regiments that has not been anounced yet, or there may be a between Christmasses deployment of a different regiment which will of course be home by a Christmass, without wishing to be specific about which one.Ho Hum…The Iraq thing has been a completly under resourced cockup, perhaps they don’t want this one to look out of place?

  3. James, I have been getting pretty fed up with the lack of attention from the media and politicians regarding the situation in AfghanistanThanks for highlighting it.If we ask questions and seek a proper factual assessment of the situation, then hopefully we will shame this government into at least making sure that the poor squaddie has the right equipment and protection if not a competant bunch of leaders.

  4. Our defence policy and more particularly our failure to resource and manage defence procurement properly is a complete disgrace. The Tories are not blameless as they short-sightedly sought to take a too large and too premature peace dividend at the end of the Cold War (but then they had just inadvertently or was it advertently tried to wreck the economy by joining the ERM). Then since Labour has been in power they have continued to overstretch our armed forces whilst saddling them with inadequate weapons systems. At the same time the top brass just sat on their hands instead of protesting in whatever way would have been appropriate. Meanwhile our craven spin ridden post modern media have also been useless. God help the army and all our armed forces.

  5. Does it really matter which division of the army is wherever? Do you know or care which division of the DVLA is responsible for your tax disc, for example?

  6. Ian,I know this seems petty but I, and everyone in the armed forces that I have told about this, feel that it is pretty fundamental.Who is where and do what is core information and not checking simple facts like that before submitting the article worries me. How much else in the piece was ill informed?

  7. Ian,For heaven’s sake! The idiot is the political face of the army. The least he could do is get the names right.Obviously you have no understanding of the armed services so let me put this in a way you might understand. Imagine you work for the marketting department a big company. Your department has been doing well under trying circumstances. How would you feel if the CEO sent a letter to the shareholders giving all the praise to the idiots in Accounts?It’s basic good managment and a display of competence to get simple things right. Des Browne seems to have neither of these quaities and therefore stands condemned as an arse.

  8. I’ve posted these before, but here seems a better place….I’ve just returned from several days with the military, so I’ve got loads of gossip.1.The military is no longer training for the full spectrum of operations it is only training for Iraq & the ‘stan. Beware if we need to do anything else (Like northern ireland, or disaster reliefe or fire strikes or foot & mouth)2. About 25% of the budget for the wars (IZ & ‘stan) is coming out of the normal military budget (i.e. the money they thought they’d need to run equip & train an army in peacetime). Gordon B is failing the boys by 25%.3.We originally only intended (and planned/budgeted for) a deployment to Kandaha, Camp bastion plus one other location. We now find that we are having to man at least 10 “platoon houses” as well & surprise-surprise these are under daily attack. The boys are literaly catching 40 winks in full equipment in sandbagged trenches.

  9. On a better subject I just noticed that “Saint” Peter Jackson is going to make the new Dam Busters film. I wonder if the PC lobby will make him sanitize the doggies name?

  10. paulipoos said… On a better subject I just noticed that “Saint” Peter Jackson is going to make the new Dam Busters film. I wonder if the PC lobby will make him sanitize the doggies name? 31/8/06 23:19,,2-2337881,00.htmlYes, it’s going to be…Trigger!!!!????!!!! (the ‘dubbed’ name used in the US versin of the original 1954 film). (I seem to recall that Trigger was the name given to some cowboy’s horse.)

  11. Sadly that messes up two parts to the plot, as the word was both his dogs name, and the codeword to be transmitted on successfull completion.I’m not sure this “tidying up” is usefull, as it covers up a part of our history.

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