Why did they do it?

It is good to see that conservative blogs are dominating the top of the tables at the moment.

I had a look at some of the other sites which made it into the top ten, what outside news and politics was getting attention. The answer was sex and football.

I was rather distressed by the story associated with the number 8 entry Girl with a one track mind. I hadn’t read her site before (honest!) so I had a look, the most recent entries catalogued not Abby Lee’s sex life, like the rest of the site, but how her life has been torn apart by the exposé printed in the Times.

I am not going to make any moral judgements on her lifestyle but it struck me that she wasn’t being hypocritical and details of her life are not in the “public interest”. There is a difference between “of interest to the public” and “in the public interest”.

So why did the Times feel the need to reveal her identity?

The paper may have got a few extra copy sales of the back of this article but in doing so it may well have ruined this women’s life.

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