Mayor of London

A little later this morning I will drop off the large brown envelope with my application to be considered as the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London.

This is clearly and big job and a big step for me.

Why did I decide to put my self forward? There are a number of reasons.

  1. I think that London deserves better than Ken Livingstone and rather than snipe from the sidelines I have decided to do something about it.
  2. The open primary system means that I have as good a chance as any of the other candidates.
  3. A number of people, who I have a lot of respect for, thought that I would make a good candidate and recommended that I stand.

I now have a campaign website and I have set up the Ideas Forum for London. As you can see from this blog I have plenty of opinions and there are a number of policies which I have already outlined but the Mayor of London is too important a job to be based around just one set of ideas.

I am sure that amongst the 7 million Londoners there are the answers to the big issues facing London and I hope that the forum will bring them out.

I will continue writing this blog and I hope that the three sites will give plenty of opportunity for people to see why I should be the Conservative Candidate for Mayor of London.



13 responses to “Mayor of London

  1. Good luck James, when I met you, you proved to have a great mind and ideas, but weren’t afraid to listen to others. You are exactly the type of person that would make a great mayor for London.

  2. I notice your “about me” says:——————————–Political AchievementsI have campaigned on a number of local issues including saving Ladywell Leisure Centre and preventing ward closures at Lewisham Hospital. I narrowly missed being elected onto Lewisham Council in May 2002. I stood as the Conservative candidate in Lewisham East in the 2005 General Election and came second with a 4.1% swing.——————————–So, out of interest because I don’t know, have you ever been elected to anything?

  3. Good call JamesMrs T and I met you at a Party event last year and we both said “why haven’t we got more guys like him?”You’ve got our votes.

  4. Sincere sympathy for the disrespect shown to you and the other announced contenders by our leaders. Don’t throw the towel. We’ll remember who was at the starting grid at the right time.

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