7/7 one year on

I was visiting a client on the south coast this time last year, I drove down listening to the Today program on Radio 4.

I was concentrating on navigation so I was only half aware of the report of an “electrical explosion” on the tube shortly before I went into my meeting and cut myself of from the news for a few hours.

By the time I came out of the meeting the true picture was emerging. My first thought was to call an Army mate who worked in HQ London to see what assistance I could offer. He told me to wait as he was swamped with similar calls from TA soldiers, Royal Marine Reserves, Royal Navy Reserves, etc. etc. In the end I completely forgot about going back to the office in Richmond and went home, got my uniform ready and waited.

The call didn’t come.

I watched the events unfold on TV like everyone else and felt a hollow and sick as everyone else. The events and their causes have been picked over a great deal in the intervening year so I won’t go through them again here.

I would recommend the excellent blog by Rachel from North London, it helped me to understand the events and their repercussions.

I still use the tube, the bus and the train. I won’t let this change the way I live my life. I also believe that we must not let the fear of terrorism distort our view of justice and freedom. Measures have to be taken and defences made but limiting the treedoms of law abiding people here in the UK is handing a victory to those who took lives this time last year.

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