Two sunny days and a thunder storm

This is the traditional definition of a British summer and we seem to have had it.

Luckily the good weather at least covered the weekend, this meant that I got a nice tan while helping out in Bromley and Rosie (the dog) got very, very hot.

I also took Rosie, Susie and the boys to the South of England show, despite being a Lewisham boy I do have a strong rural streak running through me and the boys love animals. Being brought up with a dog and having been exposed to a range of other animals, neither of the boys are afraid of animals irrespective of their size.

I did feel a little pang of fear when I saw Rupert (21 months old) striding purposefully towards a Sussex bull, which must have weighed about a ton. He pointed towards the beast and said, “Moo”. Moo indeed.

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