Bad news from Bromley

Well no actually.

The press and other political parties are desperately trying to create some bad news about Bob’s selection in Bromley. I know a lot of people in the Bromley and Chislehurst team and they have no desire to upset the progress that the party is making, they don’t want to send out any subtle messages they just want to win the by-election.

As I said on Saturday far from rejecting the A list, B&C had two A listers in the final three and the feedback that I got was that Bob’s local knowledge and understanding of London politics put him above the others.

It is well worth remembering that by-elections give the candidate very little time to get to know the community, the association, the local media and the constituency. This is why by-elections almost always favour a local candidate. The fact that Bob already represents the area in the GLA was always going to give him an advantage.

Yes he is white, yes he is middle aged, yes he is male but as Francis Maude pointed out, no one candidate can represent the diversity that the party is working towards. When we have selected the full range of candidates for the next general election I am sure the country will see all this petty points scoring for what it is.

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