Optimistic Bromley Lib Dems

You have to hand it to the Lib Dems, they never let the facts get in the way of a good headline. After the Dunfermline by-election in February they came out with this gem of a headline:

Shock Lib Dem by-election victory pointer to Bromley in May
Their assumption was that an election win hundreds of miles away against a different party incumbent was a strong indicator of potential success in Kent. Genius!

They also claimed that “The Conservatives have made no advance under David Cameron’s leadership” and the Liberal Democrat National Campaigns Officer, Duncan Borrowman, said: “The Lib Dem success, and the total failure of David Cameron to reverse Conservative fortunes is a pointer to massive advances by the Lib Dems in Bromley Council Elections in May.”
I am sure there was an associated graph claiming that it was a two horse race.

And what was the result for the ascendant Lib Dems and the down at heal Tories? We gave them a stuffing, almost halving the number of Lib Dem councillors! Never mind, there is always Scotland.

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