Vote Blue go Green

I am glad that we are shouting about this because unlike Labour and the Lib Dems we have a very strong track record on green issues. While they have been talking about it we have been doing it.

Here are some examples where people voted blue and their councils went green:

Barnet Council’s recycling scheme has resulted in its recycling rate of household waste rising from 8 per cent to almost 30 per cent since 2002: more than three in four households now participate in the weekly ‘black box’ scheme.

Brentwood Borough Council’s kerbside collection scheme has increased the rate of recycling and composting to 30 per cent.

Bromley Council is pioneering a project to convert used cooking oil into biodiesel, which will be used to power the Council’s vehicles.

Enfield Council’s Environmental Crime Unit has clamped down on fly-tipping, graffiti and abandoned vehicles – which between 2003 and 2004 fell by 30 per cent.

Richmond Council’s recycling scheme of weekly kerbside collections has resulted in households recycling more than 25 per cent of the waste they produce. 20,000 tons a year of rubbish no longer go into landfill.

Shropshire Council has achieved a 25 per cent reduction in CO2 with a goal of 40 per cent by 2010 – double the Labour target.

Westminster City Council’s graffiti and fly-posting removal team clears over 200 sites a month.

If you vote blue in Lewisham on May 4th you will help to make a real difference to our current 11% recycling rate, one of the worst in London.

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